Febby Marine Supply and Services established in 2018 with head office in Bandung. We are a general ship supplier serving all Indonesian Ports and specializing in all aspects of ship provision and service, providing all provisions, cabin, bonded, security, machine shop. Other laundry services, gas refills, equipment and labor installations, ship repair by welder technicians, electricians, and mechanical cooling. Our employees always provide quality products, excellent services to our customers, and we respond in a timely and professional manner to the needs of each of our customers.We are open for business 24 hours a day 365 days a year to provide products and services required by our customers. Febby Marine Supply and Services joined our group in 2018 as our wholly food and non-food wholesaler, and supply chain solution located in Antalya Free Zone, Indonesia. In this way Febby Marine Supply and Services can provide products and goods at competitive prices from international, regional and Indonesian sources.With this facility in every major port in Indonesia, we can maintain, across the country, ship needs and continuous quality services. And we can do it with a 24 Hours - 7 Days workforce to deliver where and when convenient to the ship. Our success in building this unique service lies in our ability to provide all of these services in a more structured and controlled environment, with greater attention to detail and quality, and at a more competitive price through higher implementation, on-site support and volume contract. We have proved it. Febby Marine Supply and Services will continue to succeed in the development of becoming a leader ship supplier in Indonesia and will serve Febby Marine Supply and Services to the World Port.